African International University

African International University (AIU) is an expansion of the vision of extension of the Nairobi Evangelical School of Theology (NEGST) in Nairobi, Kenya. AIU includes is the doctoral program component of NEGST. God’s Economy established a partnership with AIU in 2011.

D.Min. Student Tuition The Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) is an advanced, professional theological degree for pastors and other Christian leaders in church, non-governmental organizations, and mission communities. Designed primarily as in-service continuing education for working pastors, it seeks to integrate the wisdom of ministry experience with the highest levels of theological reflection. This process involves a series of modular seminars, year-round reading and writing assignments, and mentoring, culminating in a publishable ministry-based research dissertation. All of the current D.Min. students are working in Christian leadership positions across the continent of Africa. Many of these men and women are living and working in unimaginably difficult situations. 

War, poverty, and multiple diseases are some of the issues that these students address on a daily basis. Many of the attendees have very limited personal and/or professional resources at their disposal, yet they tirelessly serve their respective communities. The D.Min. is made up of six modules over a three year period of time. Tuition for each student is US $1,000 per module. God’s Economy has committed to assist in raising funds for the tuition needs of the D.Min. student.