Our Mission

God’s Economy was founded in 2002 by Cricket and John Barrazotto. The ministry partners with local hospitals, churches, universities, and non-governmental organizations in Africa and United States. Partners are identified; their needs are assessed and prayerfully considered; then a partnership is established. Donations to the ministry are used to finance tangible goods, programs, and projects that bring societal change.

The following list shows a few of the areas where God’s Economy has provided support for its African and United States partners:

  • Health Care and public health initiatives
  • Children’s feeding and educational programs
  • Well drilling/access to potable water
  • Mosquito nets for malaria prevention
  • Sanitation facilities for rural villages
  • Agricultural development
  • Sturdy, reliable housing
  • Educational and seminary programs for pastors and village chiefs
  • Micro-finance loans to launch small businesses
  • HIV related issues

Our Founder

Cricket Barrazotto’s photography is being used to generate interest and funding for God’s Economy. Mrs. Barrazotto, co-founder and Executive Director of God’s Economy, has been traveling to Africa since 2001. Through her many trips abroad, she has developed relationships with individuals and organizations in Malawi, Kenya, Liberia, and South Africa. When given access to the lives of her African friends, Cricket takes pictures. Her pictures capture the heart and soul of Africa.

In October 2013, Cricket completed and published the book, “Life Don’t Have To End.” a compilation of stories and photographic images from men and women living with HIV.